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Written by: TL on 21/08/2011 17:30:11

It was a sad day when local Copenhagen rockers Cleo Malone called it quits last year. Fortunately, the breakup gave way to new projects, one of which - Freddy And The Phantoms -  I've already reviewed and now the time has come to have a look at another phoenix from the same ashes, namely the quintet Go For Gold, a band started by Cleo-singer/guitarist Kristian Rasmussen, now ready to test the scene with their self-titled debut EP.

On the band's facebook, they themselves proclaim a love for the noisy, dreamy indie/pop/rock from when the 80s were turning into the 90s, but listening to the first two tracks on the record, "No Patience" and "A Way Of Changing", the ringing, lofty soundscape would have rather made me guess on the influences being bands like The Maccabees, Arcade Fire or Frightened Rabbit, especially when hearing how the instruments work with the male/female vocal harmonies of Rasmussen and fellow singer Sille Mosegaard.

As soon as we make it onto the third and fourth tracks, "First Date For The Job" and "The Things That Go In Between", both of which take a darker approach, bands like The Cure and The Raveonettes (on the latest album) start coming to mind, mainly due to the way the guitars and keys wind melodies around hypnotic bass lines quite reminiscent of the former. Furthermore, Rasmussen and Mosegaard showcase call/response vocals here, after singing as one for pretty much all of the two first songs.

Finally, "Roommates Tale" takes another step in the established progression, sounding the most like something that could have been on "Raven In The Grave", which I guess is just a sign that Go For Gold and The Raveonettes have been inspired by similar things (this whole style is quite hip these days after all, just look at Yuck and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart).

The song closes an EP that I think is a pretty solid starting point overall. Go For Gold combine their ideas well and manage an interesting soundscape as well as a couple of recognizable tracks in "A Way Of Changing" and "The Things That Go In Between". By way of criticism, I'd advise that the band doesn't get too stuck in a sound similar to the two bands I mentioned most recently, and that they try to utilise their vocals better. Having heard Rasmussens talent for singing a strained lead in Cleo Malone, his performance seems a little constrained when singing in choir with Mosegaard for too long, and it's hard to shake the feeling that he has potential for more. Besides that though, there's not much else to say, other than to recommend Go For Gold, especially if you live in Denmark, and could do with a local band with this kind of sound.


Download: A Way Of Changing, The Things That Go In Between
For The Fans Of: The Maccabees, Arcade Fire, The Cure, The Raveonettes,
Listen: facebook.com/goforgoldband

Release Date Summer 2011

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