The World Concave

Harbor EP

Written by: DR on 19/08/2011 16:15:14

Although "Harbor" was mostly written throughout 2009/2010, there are ideas on it that 'date back about ten years', or so the info-sheet says. This would imply that the members aren't the youngest of musicians - they have clearly been around a while, in and out of various musical projects all exploring different sounds and genres and so on, so in a way "Harbor" is the culmination of all that as they put everything into their new project: The World Concave.

Having been around a while, the members of The World Concave are seemingly now at that stage where their music is less emotional, direct and/or angsty, and instead relaxed, softer and more thought-out. 90s alternative and emo influences such as Sunny Day Real Estate and American Football can be traced in this band's mid-tempo approach to song-writing, while the mid-tempo aspect likely comes from progressive and indie influences, as they focus more on crafting delicate, immaculately produced soundscapes through intricate and free-flowing layered instrumentation. This makes the overall listening experience of the album a cohesive one; it's like being gently lulled into a trance, and you won't be shaken from it as each song flows seamlessly to the next.

Despite this seven-song offering being their debut under this name, it does not feel like a debut usually would. It's not rough around the edges, it doesn't suffer from inconsistency or too much of their music heroes' sound dominating what they are trying to achieve. It's an impressive and confident release, ripe with fresh ideas - a tell-tale sign of the fact that these guys have been around for a while, have clearly spent a great deal of time working on it, and are comfortable with each other and who they are now.

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For The Fans of: Kom, Radiohead, American Football, Pink Floyd
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Release Date 18.07.2011
Engineer Records

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