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You And Me EP

Written by: TL on 19/08/2011 00:20:58

While you may have read my last handful of reviews and wondered "Why does he write reviews if he hates all the music so much", the truth is that most of those records came from one of the most depressing batches of promos I can remember choosing assignments from, and under normal circumstances, there's usually at least a little bit in each portion that has me cheering up a bit. There's light at the end of the tunnel however, as "You And Me" - the debut EP of Sweden's Boarding Surface - is the last (and maybe the most interesting) disc I have to deal with from this slightly underwhelming pile of music.

The young quintet proclaim on their facebook to be inspired by post-punk, and while that will not surprise you while listening to "You And Me", I do think their guitars are a bit too clean, and their vocals a bit too light, for them to belong in that genre themselves. Rather their sound aligns with the genre's tidier cousin brit-rock, as bands like Placebo and Suede immediately come to mind when listening especially to the singing, and even The Smiths enter the picture when listening to the guitar.

It's clear to hear however, that the band is still young, as the songs are noticeably simply put together, and the band seems to be at the stage where they are trying to put their influences together before actually figuring out what their own personal touch is going to be like. That being said, they obviously have a fair sense for dynamics and less-is-more aesthetics, as guitar, bass, drums and synth all combine in a tasteful and well-flowing backdrop for the vocals of singer Anton Gustavsson, who also shows a good grasp of the attitude that fits the band's desired genre.

Everything adds up into a handful of songs that are easily recognizable and avoid any pitfalls of poor taste, and though they don't quite have the impact the band needs to make a mark yet, they're still fairly enjoyable. Especially "Love Song", which is the main reason for my referencing The Smiths, leaves a good impression, as does the slow, extra-moody "Coal Mine". Overall "You And Me EP" is a solid first effort, which shows immediate promise, yet still also has enough room for improvement for me to think that Boarding Surface won't be a band that blows up already now. I do think they have a chance though, if they keep working persistantly at it.

Download: Love Song
For The Fans Of: Placebo, Suede, The Smiths, The Vaccines

Release Date Spring 2011
Despotz Records

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