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Written by: TL on 17/08/2011 22:27:40

Ha ha ha. I remember when I first stumbled upon Utah's Get Scared. Back then, in 2009 that is, they were just a small unsigned band with a rather lame bandname and a rather appropriately titled EP, who sounded a lot like early From First To Last songs and got some fairly nice words from me, despite having 'corny' stamped all over them. Now, in the age of Black Veil Brides, they're signed to Universal and ready to give the world another shot of horror-tinged pop/screamo with a full LP titled "Best Kind Of Mess", looking like the kind of band that will have pale teenage girls squealing supersonically, while elitists redden with rage and indignation.

I didn't realise that the band had taken such a big step up when I first started listening to the record though, I only expected a slight progression over "Cheap Tricks And Theatrics EP". However it took me less than half the record to wonder: .. Wait? Is this produced by John Feldmann? (producer on recent The Used, D.R.U.G.S, Attack Attack!) Well of course it is, and the man's greasy fingerprints (which one might also call: cheap theatrics) are so abundantly smeared all over the record, that I question what would be left of Get Scared without his contribution.

Nevertheless, let's not make this worse than it is, namely the modern day manifestation of a trend that has already appeared throughout history in the shapes of Alice Cooper, Kiss and Marilyn Manson. The difference here is that Get Scared really don't have any shock value in comparison - you might say they're not likely to scare anyone - because in collaboration with Feldmann and Universal/Motown they've compiled a quite soulless slab of music, the kind of which major labels typically (and mistakingly) call emo, with less than a handful of songs with intented single-potential and then filler for the rest.

The songs I'm thinking of here is first and foremost "Mess", which is a strangely positive anthem, considering the decadent tone of most the rest of the album, and also "Sarcasm" which enlists the vocal talents of Escape The Fate vocalist Craig Mabbitt for a solid round of circus-rock. Despite attention-grabbers such as those however, the record as a whole feels too formulaic and contrived, despite all the 'huge' choruses and carefully added chimes and keys. Still, if you're a fan of the likes of D.R.U.G.S and The Used, then you might find something to enjoy here. Just know however, that if the BVB fever is still raging in a year or two, these boys will likely follow closely in their footsteps, as a band you really need to tell everyone you hate if you have the faintest clue of what's good cool for you.


Download: Mess, Sarcasm, Hurt
For The Fans Of: The Used, D.R.U.G.S, Black Veil Brides, records produced by John Feldmann

Release Date 12.07.2011
Universal Motown Records

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