There Is A Way

Written by: TL on 17/08/2011 21:50:33

Hmm, well here's a bandname that's going to break the page design. I know so because I was just skimming my previous review of Glasgow's Dananananaykroyd, while listening to and finalising my thoughts on their new LP "There Is A Way". If you didn't make note of the band back when I reviewed them first time (or at some other point), know that they are a sixtet whose aim is - just in case their bandname didn't clue you in - to have as much fun with their audience as possible.

To reach this goal, the band has constructed an incredibly quirky, up-beat and light-hearted brand of indie rock, fronted by brazen guitar riffs and sharp dual-vocals in the style of The Blood Brothers. In fact, imagine that band being less about punk attitude and more about all out partying and you pretty much have Dananananaykroyd, or, failing that, just imagine Pulled Apart By Horses being slightly less rock'n'roll and slightly more angular indie.

Arriving at an understanding for the band's sound is all well and good though. The question is if you should really pay them any attention, and when it comes to answering that question favourably, Danablabla have made a bit of a pitfall for themselves in openly admitting that their band is pretty much exclusively about having fun. You see this leaves all notions of depth of emotion or heartfelt messages out of the picture, and pins the band's hopes of success on their ability to consistently come up with fun and catchy musical ideas.

And while such an ability is indeed portrayed in devilishly infectious numbers such as "Muscle Memory" and "E Numbers", for most of the remainder of "There Is A Way", Dananan...'s material seemingly doesn't hold up without the band's reportedly crazy live-show to back it up. Call it shallow or call it slim pickings, you'll be equally accurate, because despite not sounding like very many other bands, "There Is A Way" is another one of those records that seems to run out of worthwhile ideas quickly after delivering its two standout singles. Hence one could reach the conclusion that Dananan.. are currently stuck in a place where their records are only worth checking out for people who count on having the pleasure of seeing them live some time soon.


Download: Muscle Memory, E Numbers
For The Fans Of: Pulled Apart By Horses, The Blood Brothers, Victorian Halls
Listen: myspace.com/dananananaykroyd

Release Date 13.06.2011
Pizza College

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