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Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP

Written by: TL on 17/08/2011 21:02:44

Okay so stop me if you've heard this before: How many more American melodic punk rock bands does the world really need? At least one more is usually my answer, and the same answer would likely be given by The Fucking Cops, a four-piece who have recently released a six track debut EP titled "Fuck You Up With Some Truth". Because judging from this release, these guys are entirely satisfied with aligning themselves with the Menzingers, Banquets and Captain, We're Sinking!'s of the world. The order of the day is fuzzy, bright melodies, delivered at punk rock speeds and served with singing from two vocalist who do the by-now-typically sloppy delivery.

If you're asking yourself what sets this band apart from the others mentioned above here, as well as other contemporaries, the answer honestly is: Not a whole hell of a lot, and hence the destiny of the "Fuck You Up With Some Truth EP" hangs entirely on the quality of the songs on offer. And in this department I have to say that at least Captain, We're Sinking! and The Menzingers are quite a few steps ahead of them (The ruling is out on Banquets, whose newest release is pending a stretch longer down my review list). Opener "Gloria" has some quite fun lines about getting smashed outside of a liquour store, but otherwise the tracks have trouble making it from 'enjoyable' and up to 'memorable'.

And it's not a matter of lacking variety or any such shortcoming. Really it just seems to me that The Fucking Cops, despite their awesome band name, cover art and EP title, don't have quite enough personality and/or catchyness in their songs, to make up for the fact that their style feels a little heard-before. Dear God, maybe it's a sign that the world might soon not be in need of at least one more melodic punk-rock band?! The fact that "Fuck You Up With Some Truth" is still a largely enjoyable, if somewhat forgettable, listen however, makes me hesitant to arrive at such a tragic conclusion. It's probably more likely that if the band hones their songs a bit more the next time around, the world might just find room for them.

Download: Gloria, Aiyana
For The Fans Of: Banquets; Captain, We're Sinking!, The Menzingers
Listen: thefuckingcops.bandcamp

Release Date 03.05.2011
Kind Of Like Records

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