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Normally I'd steer clear from no name thrash metal bands like Cyvoid, which upon further inspection consists of members from The Plight, Send More Paramedics, Antares, and End To Empires, but they stood out from the pile of new releases sent to us with descriptions of their sound as "science fiction crossover thrash" and "hybrid warp metal". Intrigued by such odd terms, I decided to read more about their seven-track self-titled debut, discovering that the singer calls himself Dr Oblivion and shouts "Cronenbergian science fiction horror stories of robots, aliens, and replicants through the shredded thrash metal".

No, this isn't a GWAR side-project, I promise. Instead, Cyvoid sound like a pissed off hardcore punk-fueled thrash metal band that blends the two genres together so seamlessly that the crossover label is definitely earned and deserved. They add in bits and pieces from bands like Voivod, Anthrax, Biohazard, perhaps even Municipal Waste on some level, all complemented by the science fiction theme that pales only in comparison to GWAR, of course. Now, usually such a mix results in a rather dated and irrelevant sound in this day and age, but somehow Cyvoid's angry expression steers clear from genre clichés for the most part, delivering a surprisingly catchy and enjoyable thrash metal assault with rock solid vocal work and plenty of hook-driven riffage. Don't worry, metal heads, there's plenty of headbangable material here, too, but something about Cyvoid's sound makes them stick out from a crowded bunch of like-minded bands, possibly as a result of their members' work on other bands who sound literally nothing alike Cyvoid (or thrash metal for that matter). Recommended for all crossover fans.


Download: Facehugger, Time To Die
For the fans of: Voivod, GWAR, Anthrax, Biohazard
Listen: Myspace

Release date 30.07.2011
Thirty Days Of Night Records

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