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This Can't Be Everything EP

Written by: PP on 16/08/2011 20:37:38

Michigan-based Louder Than Bombs fool you into thinking you're in for a round of math rock given the mathy opening guitars of "Frequent Liars", and while that is true for parts of the album, it turns out to be just a small part of the overall mix, which leans largely on a melodic hardcore backdrop to execute its curious mixture of the two styles together. The songs on their new EP "This Can't Be Everything" explode into melodic shouts and screams every time the pace picks up, but these are often contrasted starkly with bright clean vocals that should remind you more of emo-pop punk bands like Taking Back Sunday.

Make no mistake though, Louder Than Bombs are definitely a melodic hardcore band, even if they toy with other influences in the process. For example, "Indian Giver", the best track on the EP, brings in a little bit of a Midwestern punk feel while retaining the melodic hardcore as a driving force. Interestingly enough, the resulting sound is a lot like how I'd imagine Bear Vs Shark to sound like if they were an aggressive melodic hardcore band instead of the indie-flavored post-hardcore pioneers that they were earlier this decade. So you can pretty much expect a high-energy expression that's packed with urgency, but more importantly, with catchy melodic vocal hooks, quirky guitar sections, and lots and lots of melodic hardcore shouting in the same vein as bands like The Great Explainer or even Kid Dynamite. But while "This Can't Be Everything" is a good start, it feels like something's missing that'd push it over the edge from being merely a decent record in the genre into being something excellent.

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For the fans of: The Great Explainer, Kid Dynamite, punk version of Bear Vs Shark, Daylight
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Release date 03.05.2011
Either/Or Records

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