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Written by: TL on 12/08/2011 00:31:02

When American trio My Epic released the album "Yet" last year, that record worked on me for a long while, to eventually convince me of its strength and make it to my end of the year article, and deservedly so, considering the fact that I still eagerly return to it on occasion. My Epic aren't resting on those laurels though, as they've already produced a new EP since then, called "Broken Voice", which I intend to review in this article.

The songs on "Broken Voice" were originally ones that didn't quite make it on "Yet", and basically, the only massive change here is that My Epic have gone almost entirely acoustic on this EP, and while this certainly subtracts a whole lot of weight from their expression, it's remarkable how well their sound still works. The songs are still progressive pieces covered in fine atmospheres, and centered around the fine vocals of Aaron Stone, who sounds bit like a slightly more grounded Tilian Pearson (ex-Tides Of Man).

Despite the fact that "Broken Voice" offers two tracks less than "Yet" however, it naturally seems like a less consistent record, though this could be a more subjective evaluation than usually. You see while songs three and four, "Alone" and "Deathbed", have moments that are as thrilling as a fan of "Yet" could expect, a song like "Garden" on the other hand, takes My Epic's trademark religiousness too far for even me to swallow.

If you have any experience with these guys, you already know that they boast some of the most Christian lyrics out there, yet while this didn't seem to hinder "Yet", I question if even devout believers are interested in hearing hymns as pious as "Garden". While My Epic were a band with more dense instrumentation, their music easily overshadowed the preaching, but in this minimalistic setting, vocals and lyrics are more in focus, and unless you enjoy a constant presence of faith in your music, you might feel that this is a bit too much as well.

I realize that it may seem a little controversial - some would maybe say narrow-minded - to think less of a record simply because it has religious content matter, but realistically I guess using such will always have a 'win some, lose some' effect on listeners. In any case, I do find "Broken Voice" a fine work of musical atmosphere - a moody sort of prairie-spiritual which is however best enjoyed in limited dozes.


Download: Alone, Deathbed
For The Fans Of: As Cities Burn, Tides Of Man (gone acoustic)

Release Date 05.07.2011
Dreamt Music/Facedown Records

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