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Love Aka Sugar

Written by: ASH on 18/10/2006 13:46:38

A new pop/rock band has emerged from the Danish underground, rising from the indie scenes to the signed hemisphere by the help of Louise Nipper, the producer of other Danish acts like Carpark North and Claus Hempler. This time however, we're talking about "The Magic Bullet Theory", a band of great energy á la Mando Diao along with deep, emotional lyrics about love; How sweet. Nevertheless, it sounds quite promising for a sequel album, but I'll get back to that part soon enough. After the release of their freshman album "Poems & Explosions" and a two-year break, "The Magic Bullet Theory" proclaims that they're back on track with their best album to date, namely their first release in two years "Love aka Sugar"; Quite an abstract name, but if it matches the main concept of their grand release, then why not? So: enough small-talk, more review.

"Love aka Sugar" starts out with a little clean guitar strumming accompanied by some tender vocals on the opening track "Poems & Explosions". It's fair enough, but getting through the entire album it leaves me with a feeling of confusion. Even though the whole rhythm changes for the better after a minute or so, it doesn't even out the fact that a composition of energetic love-rock begins with some long-drawn sing-a-song melody; it really doesn't set the atmosphere for the album. Luckily, the rest of the tracks racks up the quality and "The Magic Bullet Theory" undoubtedly delivers some nice, pleasing tunes where every element in the quartet is used to its fullest, especially on tracks like the highly impressing "A Town Called Tender", a track with great similarities to "Mando Diao's" hit "To China With Love", which in my opinion isn't a bad thing at all. Along with that, the bass-line and guitar backings in "The Bright Lights" creates a great thematic atmosphere of semi-70's espionage soundtracks meet U2's chorus effect. I shouldn't forget to mention that the vocals in the chorus remind of Bono's well-balanced voice mixed with, again, Bjørn Dixgård's powerful shout-outs.

The special thing about this release is that I would rather recommend anyone who is interested in this genre to try it out before buying it. "Love aka Sugar" is, in my opinion, a good, steadfast album with some intelligent lyrics. The only drawback is their clapping and tracks like "Johnny Come Lately" and "If you want love, you got it" and actually, the ending track "Crash! Boom! B-B-Bang!" as well. It's great until after about two minutes, excluding the kickass chorus in the end: More clapping and back-up vocals? My advice is keep the energy from those outstanding tracks I mentioned and kill the mediocre sounds of those boring cliché tracks.


Download: A Town Called Tender, The Bright Lights, Crash! Boom! B-B-Bang!

For the fans of: Mando Diao and Garage-rock

Listen: Official Site - Check under "Sounds"

Release date 23.10.2006

Naz Recordings

Provided by Target ApS

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