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Weather The Storm

Written by: PP on 02/08/2011 21:49:54

Man The Change originate from Mannheim/Karlsruhe, Germany, but their inspirations are scattered all over the place from the sounds of their new eight-track LP "Weather The Storm", no doubt thanks to the globalisation of music due to the internet. It's a record that combines the Europeanized melodic hardcore sound with the hardcore punk and skate punk styles from across the pond, resulting in a sound that's curiously similar to NOFX and Hit The Switch instrumentally, but at the same time with slightly angsty and aggressive vocals that recall our local boys Stars Burn Stripes and other melodic hardcore bands from the Central and North European region.

So what you have in effect is a cocktail of relentless speed, tightly played and in-your-face guitars that alternate between skate punk and melodic hardcore, but with just enough melody overall to pull them away from straight-forward hardcore punk. There are a number of bands who have triumphed at this very style - Nicotine (Japan) and Hit The Switch (US) to name a few - but Man The Change appear to struggle with consistency throughout the record. While songs like "The Horseshit Zone" and "Nosebleeds" are as catchy as they are raw and unadulterated, other cuts don't impress the listener enough for him/her to care in the long run. A classic case of it goes in one ear, and out the other, to borrow a cliché expression. That being said, those songs aren't awful either, just on a lower tier than the best melodic hardcore bands, and although Man The Change elevate themselves to a sufficient level to be an interesting band on a couple of tracks, it's not enough to warrant a rating higher than this one.

Download: The Horseshit Zone, Nosebleeds, That's Stomare
For the fans of: NOFX, Stars Burn Stripes, Nicotine, Hit The Switch
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 01.02.2011

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