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Old Scratch

Written by: EK on 02/08/2011 11:58:48

Louisville, Kentucky is famous for giving birth to the world's greatest, Muhammed Ali, it's a shame the town couldn't muster the same resolution when it pushed out Trophy Wives. The band claim to draw heavily from the musical bounty of the Ohio River, but you'll hear as much authentic Ohio Rock and Roll in "Old Scratch" as you'll hear Latin Jive.

Stylistically the band are a blend of Cobainesque vocals with a sloppy under produced backing track. The singer's muddy delivery comes off as a futile attempt at masking his insecurities about the intonation of his voice. A contrived endeavour at sounding pained and gravelly which fails miserably leaves the whole album immersed in outdated, cliched lyrics about love, sex, loss and alienation with the executional power of adolescent teenage girl. Musically the album isn't a complete failure, the band are sloppy in places but the musicianship shines through the mud occasionally.

“Old Scratch” is a bad album, the whole thing plays like it's heading for a climax that it never delivers. There are no defining tracks on the album, it feels inconsistent and immature and plays like a cd of Queens of The Stone Age b-tracks. A lengthy thirteen track affair, that leaves you wondering why you've wasted your time.


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For the fans of: Puddle of Mud, Queens Of The Stone Age
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Release Date 16.08.2011
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