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Written by: PP on 12/05/2005 01:09:55

If you thought that System Of A Down were huge, just wait till the release of "Mezmerize". It is much, much better than we expected. It is hammering, thought provoking, excellent, and . It simply is the pinnacle of System Of A Down's 7 year career. But don't expect another "Toxicity" or "Steal This Album!" or you will be disappointed. Although the album is compiled in the unimitable System Of A Down style, it is radically different from the other two albums. Songs like "Old School Hollywood" cross over into electronica, while on the opposite end you have songs like "B.Y.O.B" and "This Cocaine Makes Me Feel..." that smash your ears out with the first listen. The biggest change in comparison to their old compositions is the lack of screaming. There are no tracks as screamed out loud as "Jet Pilot" or "Deer Dance", and the tracks are rather less melodic but yet more mainstream. One thing is sure, this album holds some of the best songs System Of A Down has ever made, and is possibly their best release to date. This album has made me mezmerized already, can't wait to feel the effect of Hypnotize later this year!


Download: Radio/Video, Old School Hollywood

For the fans of: Mindless Self Indulgence

Release date 17.05.2005


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