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Written by: DR on 26/07/2011 17:29:43

The band formerly known as Keegen, now known as Slow Dance, are exactly the kind of act that would be at home on the Deep Elm Records roster. They play a cross between post-rock and indie with hints of emo akin to The Appleseed Cast, similar to how Moving Mountains played it on their debut "Pnuema," which was re-released on said label, and which is now being played by the likes of Athletics and The Cast Before The Break - both of which call Deep Elm home.

So, yes, if you happen to like any of the aforementioned bands then Slow Dance's debut "Finally" would be an album for you. One of the most instantly rewarding aspects of this album is how instantly familiar it is to those of us who lap up this style, and what's more Slow Dance perform it with an assurance that they do have a handle on their instruments and a clear-definition of the sound they're trying to achieve. Efforts such as "Head Abdomen Thorax" and "Mending Wall" are solidly executed examples of their ability to create appealing soundscapes through intricate guitar-work that keep the listener engaged.

However, that is also where this album falls down. As 'solid' as it is, it's disappointingly never anything more or less. Not because they tried and failed, but because it seems they're sticking to what is comfortable to them rather than trying to be ambitious; and, as a result, it's only ever comfortable listening. There's a brief moment in the thunderous opening of "We Ain't In Kansas Anymore" when you think this might be the song for Slow Dance to show what they can produce when they push the boat out, but alas they do not, and the opportunity descends into a tepid middle-of-the-road piece. As it stands, "Finally" is a solid debut which fans of post-rock will appreciate for a few pleasing listens, but it's too restrained to offer much over the long-term.

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Release Date 28.06.2011

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