The Jeffery Brothers

Cuttin' Loose

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Anybody seen the Canadian TV series "Scooter Girls"? No? Me neither, but it can be considered an achievement of some kind to have one of your tunes as the theme song for a show on national TV, and as you might imagine, that is precisely what happened for Toronto-based hard rockers The Jeffery Brothers.

Influenced by the likes of AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Cheap Trick and Kiss (according to their own words), you can guess ahead to a fairly clear idea of how their debut full length "Cuttin' Loose" sounds like: ballsy, straight-forward rock'n'roll with a splice of classic rock in the mix for good measure. Though occasionally cliché in their lyricism, rocking songs like "I Wanna Rock" and the catchy grooves of "Sun Goin Down" underline that we're not dealing with amateurs; The Jeffery Brothers sure know how to write a good tune that follows all the standards set forth in the rulebook in the genre. But then again, they don't do much more than that. While there's a southern rock vibe on a song or two in the vein of the classic middle American ballad formula, the majority of the time "Cuttin' Loose" spends like sounding a sum of its influences, alas, not as a very original piece of composition.

That said, the band has an ear for good melody and easy-going hard rock, so it's not the end of the day, and fans of the classic rock'n'roll formula should find much to like here.


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For the fans of: AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Hardbone,
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Release date 2010
Rok Kartel Music Group

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