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Written by: AP on 20/07/2011 22:41:59

One Win Choice are a little known, fiercely independent melodic hardcore band from the Philadelphia, PA scene; renowned for their questioning nature, righteous indignation and DIY ethic. Rather than breathe new life into the genre, the five piece instead focus on songs that are passionate, honest and fiery, and retain a raw, unadulterated sound perfect for punk. With several self-financed and independently organised tours behind them, the band has never sacrificed its core values for money or fame, and yet with two albums - including this new outing, "Conveyor" - in the repertoire already, One Win Choice have sent permanent ripples through their hometown scene and, it seems, given that the album found its way to us, too, beyond.

The band's sound is best described as an amalgamation of No Trigger, Propagandhi, Rise Against and Strike Anywhere. It thrives on a kind of measured ferocity akin to Refused, though it never achieves the level of innovation heard on "The Shape of Punk to Come". Indeed, Refused may have been onto something titling their definitive album as such, laying the foundation for then future acts like One Win Choice. The band's greatest asset is their refusal to search for an in-crowd, preferring rather to roll with the punches, play what they want, and speak their socially conscious mind without sensor.

If you're looking for something truly original, however, there is room for disappointment on "Conveyor". The album touts its message of guilt and ownership above all else with the result that very few songs, with the exception of the brilliant "Frame Your Favorite Pictures", "Where My Allegiance Lies" and "Breathing Normally", contain enough memorabilia to make them stick. Sure there is an abundance of vigorous gang shouts that are guaranteed to make your blood boil with adrenaline, and enough aggression to cater to a sweat inducing moshpit, but the overwhelming feeling that I get from listening to "Conveyor" is that this has all been done before and with greater impact.

But "Conveyor" is nonetheless an outright explosion of passion that would be foolish to discard, and if you know your niche and can't get enough of the four bands mentioned in this review, you should already know that this album is a safe bet.


Download: Frame Your Favorite Pictures, Where My Allegiance Lies, Breathing Normally
For the fans of: No Trigger, Propagandhi, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere
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Release date 01.03.2011
Jump Start Records

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