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Well I'll be damned. Audioslave has finally realized their potential and actually written an album with decent songs on it. After the mediocre "Out Of Exile", I was all set to write off the band into history - after all both their debut and the sophomore album contained boring songs and even more boring songs with few - if any - noteworthy songs, because with the legacy of both Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden casting a shadow over them, writing just average songs is never going to be enough. It is good, then, that the band has finally succeeded. I guess it's the case of third time lucky as the saying goes.

Already on the opening title track "Revelations", you can hear the change in confidence within the band. The songs are more bombastic - bouncier perhaps? - and are a return to the trademark innovative riffing that Tom Morello was known for in Rage Against The Machine. Chris Cornell hasn't sounded this good since the Soundgarden days and his place truly does belong into the more foreceful, less-ballady songs "Revelations" brings out. Hell, "One And The Same"'s guitar riff could be straight off of "Evil Empire" - it's aggressive, it's different, it's Tom Morello. Why it took the band this long to realize where their true potential lies, I don't know, But I'm sure as hell glad they found it. The use of Morello's guitar effects, as an example, went largely unused on the first two albums, or at least it wasn't nearly as explicit as here. Almost every song on "Revelations" sees Morello bring out a guitar solo where you just think "how is it even possible to make that kind of noises with the guitar?". Also welcome is the increased pace and rhythmic riff-strength, which brings the much needed relevance to modern music scene as well as the much missed references to the sounds of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden. "Revelations", then, is a perfect fusion of these two sounds, and clearly exactly the album the band has been trying to make all along. They say the third album is a 'make or break' album, and "Revelations" is definitely a 'make' album. Morello & Cornell, we missed you. Glad to have you back!


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Release date 05.09.2006

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