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We Are Your Saviours

Written by: TL on 17/07/2011 23:49:19

Our next subject for review is the ambitiously titled "We Are Your Saviours", from the hands of UK quintet Hey Alaska, who dabble in a genre fusion that seldom sees the light of stages above the underground. I'm talking about screamo/pop-punk, which has previously been performed by many a band which is now merely pop-punk (see: You Me At Six), but has the screamo part amputated more often than not, when bands come under the influences of labels that consider talented (and good looking) pop-punk bands hot commodity.

So here's to hoping that Hey Alaska aren't the most handsome of lads, because for the moment, the main thing they have going for them is the curious marriage of heavier elements - screams, growls and breakdowns - to lighter ones such as anthemic melodies, sharp youthful singing and bright keyboards. There's a palpable feel-good party-mood permeating "We Are Your Saviours EP", and from the sound of it, it is this kind of energy that is going to earn the band a following in its early years.

I say this because, if you look past the plain anthemic quality of the music, it is clear that the EP suffers from a number of diseases that bands often struggle with in their infancy. The sound for instance, which is fairly good when it comes to the instruments, does little good for the vocals however, with both cleans and screams sounding blurred, weak and rather generic in the mix. Furthermore, the songs seem rather simply put together, and especially the most pseudo-heavy breakdowns and growls make your toes cringe as your thoughts briefly venture to bands like Attack Attack!, though overall, A Day To Remember is probably a more accurate comparison.

Fortunately for Hey Alaska, it's a hard thing to dislike music that's happy and full of positive energy, and this fact alone is enough to keep the record afloat, even though the songs are actually a good deal less catchy than is likely intended. It's the type of disc that holds all the promise, yet also all the short-comings of a very young band, and for now it comes recommended primarily to the kind of fans of the genre, who want to be the first to know each and every new band in the niche. For casual appreciators, there's no shame in considering waiting for the band to get a little more experienced, and then maybe checking out an eventual follow-up.


Download: We Are Your Saviours, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, Sessions,
For The Fans Of: A Road To Damascus, You Me At Six, A Day To Remember, early material by pop-punk/screamo bands, released before label pressure convinces them to do away with the screams
Listen: myspace.com/heyalaskauk

Release Date 30.05.2011
Night Sea Records

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