The Enemy

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Blynd is a metal band from Cyprus. Not exactly the most common location you'd expect metal to surface from, but as we've learned over the years, metal is one of the few genres which spreads its reach into even the most remote and oppressed corners of the world. To make an impression internationally such bands have to sometimes resort into superficial measures, and in Blynd's case it is to label their music "post-thrash", whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean. In their minds, it's most likely a musical genre that draws its inspiration from Pantera while taking their style a step further.

Unfortunately, the result is that their album "The Enemy" has more in common with nu-metal than thrash metal. "(Rage) Mindgames", for instance, sounds like a b-side of a heavier Five Finger Death Punch track, despite glimpses of metallic riffing within. The production is shoddy and messy, but I suspect it is like that on purpose in an effort to imitate the muscular riffs of Pantera and others like them (think Down, with a bit of Sepultura, but in a really, really bad interpretation). Granted, there are a couple of straight-forward thrash metal pieces like the title track and the chugging "Bloodline", but even here the expression is far too anonymous and weak to really matter on the grand scale of things. Mostly because the vocals aren't up to par of what you've learned to expect from a good metal release these days, and the production leaves the guitars muddy and blending in too often. Blynd may very well be one of the best metal bands from Cyprus, but to compete internationally that's just not enough.

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For the fans of: Pantera, Down, Sepultura, Five Finger Death Punch
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Release date 07.04.2011
Fishbone Records

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