Black Fangs

Written by: GR on 13/07/2011 01:33:19

If you like your music slow and heavy then Sourvein is probably a name you're familiar with, despite this being only the band's third album in a career spanning 18 years. There have been plenty of EPs and split records along the way but "Black Fangs" is the first full-length from these sludge/doom metal propagators since 2002's "Will to Mangle". Vocalist T-Roy has been the only constant and has brought together a new line-up to unleash the "power and the pain of the dirty south" once more.

Sourvein aren't a band that are gonna go all experimental on our arses and the opening bars of "Fangs" show that we're going to get what we expect from the foursome: massive, heavy-as-fuck, weed-filtered riffing and raw, tortured vocals in the finest sludge tradition. The band have managed to pen a set of ten tunes that sound familiar without being too derivative and imbue them with enough intensity to convince us that the years haven't diminished Sourvein's potency. As the feedback screeches (the favoured way of starting a song, it would seem), it's the crushing doom-fests such as "Society's Blood" and "Night Eyes" that form the backbone of the album as T-Roy roars his way through in mostly incomprehensible but impassioned style. Sourvein do mix it up with faster sections and "Nomadic" almost sounds upbeat with its up-tempo-trad-doom influenced riffing.

I must admit there is a tendency for "Black Fangs" to become background music and it's a record that doesn't exactly set Sourvein apart from their peers - but it's good, solid stuff that'll fit in nicely in the collections of fans of the genre. I seem to remember catching these guys live five or so years ago and rather enjoying their dirty, punishing sound. The tracks on "Black Fangs" are a positive addition to their armoury and I can only hope my teeth will be rattled by them in person sometime soon.


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Release Date 18.07.2011
Candlelight Records

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