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...And The Battle Begun

Written by: PP on 11/10/2006 18:17:48

Just when I thought Catch 22 wouldn't have a contestant on the best prog-ska album of the decade, RX Bandits fires back with at least as good response with their newest album "...And The Battle Begun". I could easily sum up this review in one sentence by just saying 'everything on this album is next to perfect' but it wouldn't do justice to this masterpiece. This is a piece of music, where genre-definitions and prejudices aren't important, as music this phenomenally good can only be celebrated as incredibly good regardless of your musical background.

Mysteriously, this album bears incredible similarity to Catch 22's new "Permanent Revolution", and it will forever remain unfathomable just how the two acts were able to write and record two absolutely mindblowing albums at the same time, that sound so remarkably like one another it's hard to distinguish which one is which.

The interplay of the instruments on each song here is flawless. They are perfectly layered with each part complementing one another. Everything from the vocals through the guitar and horns are tuned to fit together so perfectly that it's impossible to find a single note that's either missing or shouldn't be there.

On the immediate listens of the album, many of the songs may seem strikingly similar to each other. This, however, is done on purpose. By keeping the sound very similar throughout the album, the songs accomplish a central theme, even if the actual lyrics aren't interconnected in the same sense as Catch 22's account of Trotsky's life. Ironically, this is also where the album loses that crucial half a point to not be on par with "Permanent Revolution". Even so, it makes only miniscule difference, as the album as an entirety is fine-tuned to perfection.

There's no need to stop the praise even on the final paragraph. Works of music like this must be appreciated and promoted to the fullest, and if that's what it takes from me to get you to buy this album, I'm willing to throw in countless meaningless superlatives to sanction the album the status it needs. "...And The Battle Begun" is perfection to ears how works of Leonardo Da Vinci are to eyes.


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For the fans of: Catch 22, Howard's Alias, Mad Caddies
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Release date 10.10.2006
Mashdown Babylon

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