I Owe You Nothing EP

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The vision of S.O.S.' was born when Scott Vogel, front man for Terror and Chris Beattie, the bassist for Hatebreed, had discussed the possibility of forming a band. The two met whilst touring years previously and they both seemed dedicated to the ideal of making music without stress or complication. Completed by Matt Henderson of Madball, Nick Jett of Terror and Sam Trapkin of Trapped Under Ice the band moved forward.

Individually, the members of S.O.S.' are well respected within the hardcore community and infamous for their contributions to the hardcore music scene. Together, they claim to represent the past, present and future of hardcore and they're not wrong, with over three decades of experience under their belts. Those facts alone are enough to demand respect from any listener. "I Owe You Nothing" is an aggressive debut, a short, stout and striking record from the hardcore all-stars.

The opening track “Decontrol” is an bellicose instrumental which sets the tone for this monstrous juggernaut. Scott Vogel's rough snarl is instantly recognisable and so is the bite of the absolution in his lyrics. There is no arguing that Vogel is one of the best front men in hardcore, and this shines through indisputably on this EP, in terms of the feral execution of his performance to the indomitable spirit he brings to the songs. The tracks are gratifying, “Never a Brother” and “Choking On Dust” immersed in both brutality and memorable hooks. The EP's title track, “I Owe You Nothing” really showcases the bands ability, the anthemic roaring of the vocals combined with the ferocious punky guitars really make this the signature track of the EP.

The musicianship is consistently good throughout, the trudge of bulky riffs offset by the vibrancy and alacrity of the chordal passages. Although not dripping with technicality, the EP does overcome generic expectations of the three-chord hardcore assault.

The record was produced by Dean Baltulonis, the man behind the epic Most Precious Blood's "Our Lady Of Annihilation", and countless other prominent albums. He left S.O.S with a concise, dense and powerful record that breaths intensity and competency from start to finish. "I Owe You Nothing" is an aggressive, vehement, promulgation of the supremacy of S.O.S, presently, and in time to come.


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For the fans of: Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Madball.
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Release date 20.06.2011
Reaper/Good Fight Entertainment

S.O.S. - I Owe You Nothing by SOShclives

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