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"Douchebag, I'mma fuck you up, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you up". "Flush you turds down the drain / Down the hatch throwin craps / Throwin matches on the gas". "We still rain the blood in the club like slayer flip it up like Limp Bizkit / Tie you up to electric chairs and roast yours guts like nuts on Christmas.". "You probably heard it all before, baby, not this / Hear is the shout to you ladies with the hot tits / Courtesy of Limp Bizkit on some rock shit / (C'mon) Now here we go, (C'mon) start it up / Should I remind you motherfuckers that I don't give a fuck?". These are all among the lyrical gems found within the first new Limp Bizkit album in six years, "Gold Cobra".

No, I'm not kidding. Neither about the fact that there is a new Limp Bizkit album out in 2011, nor about those atrocious outtakes that Fred Durst outrageously calls lyrics (don't forget he is 40 years old). These are actual excerpts from the first six songs on the record, which, by the way, is light years better than their previous album "The Unquestionable Truth (Part One)", and easily the best Bizkit album since 2000's "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water". It seems that the years of despise and hatred against his band has made Fred Durst even more ridiculously rebellious, over-confident and arrogant, because almost every song seems to deal with him "not giving a fuck" about what anyone thinks about him or his band in various forms ("Shark Attack", "Gold Cobra", "Get A Life", "Loser"), and what he would like to do to those people ("Douche Bag", "Shotgun"). It's just hard to take him seriously in 2011...because really, who the fuck listens to Limp Bizkit in 2011? It doesn't exactly help that "Gold Cobra" likes to pretend that music has seen no evolution since 2000 and nu-metal didn't die a fast and painful death.

For the sake of objectivity it has to be noted that if you're able to ignore all of the above, then there are a few decent Limp Bizkit tunes on this record. "Get A Life" sees Durst screaming more than we've heard him do since "3$ Bill Ya'll", "Shotgun" is a classic nu-metal tune with a catchy (if stupid) chorus that sticks, and the title track is also some of the best work we've heard from Bizkit since the "Rollin'" times. And then there's of course Wes Borland, who executes some of his finest guitar work on this album. Forget Black Lights Burn, you haven't heard Borland this experimental ever before. He takes heavy advantage of the effects pedals to create all sorts of weird sounds I'll happily guarantee you haven't heard before, ensuring that the guitar variety on this record is...breathtaking. I can't believe I actually used such an adjective in conjunction with a Limp Bizkit review, but hey, credit should be given where credit is due. Lets just say that you won't hear anyone screech, shred, strum, punish, slay, etc on a guitar in as weird a manner as Borland on a number of tracks during the album.

With all of the above considered, you'll be hard pressed to call "Gold Cobra" an awful record.

Nonetheless, it sounds exactly like a Limp Bizkit album if for no other reason than Fred Durst's expletive rapping. So in the end you have to ask, why is it necessary to have a new Bizkit record in 2011? There's no denying that the disc sounds hopelessly irrelevant. Those of us who used to like Limp Bizkit when we were in our early teens have since then grown up, and I just don't see how today's youngsters would pick Fred Durst's dated pseudo rage over the current trend of metalcore/deathcore/scene/whatevercore. Approach with extreme caution and for nostalgic reasons only.


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For the fans of: rap rock, early Linkin Park, Stuck Mojo
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Release date 28.06.2011
Interscope / Polydor

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