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Written by: PP on 10/10/2006 12:55:45

The term 'nintendocore' was allegedly coined by the HORSE The Band frontman while describing their sound filled with synthethizer effects and breakdowns - like a hardcore rendition of your favorite Nintendo background music of early 90s. While we are waiting for their next ridiculously great full length, the band has issued us an even more ridiculous "Pizza EP" containing five songs entirely dedicated to, no the album art doesn't lie, pizzas.

As a starter, we're served "Anti-Pizza", the song most similar to those on "The Mechanical Hand". Once again we are treated to effect-laden keyboards, ferocious breakdowns and stupendously unserious lyrics. However, the doom/death-influenced "Werepizza" is the first one to introduce us to completely new elements of HORSE The Band that were unheard of before this one. The daunting atmosphere created by the painstakingly slow riffs and Nathan's deep growling is something we aren't used to from the normally fairly well-paced act and is received with immediate suspicion from the reviewer. To be frank with you, "Werewolf" sounds like a B-side of the B-sides of "The Mechanical Hand", and its inclusion on the EP for other than humouristic reasons (though that is most probably the case) is not understandable. Even the fourth song "Pizza Nif" shows similar characteristics with its indeciphrably low shrieks after its promising positive beginning. However, the fate of the EP is saved by an indescribably absurd hardcore rendition of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". I'm sure we all rememeber our favorite cartoon of the 90s, but wait till you hear it in hardcore form. It's not possible to describe it in words.

If absolute absurdism and ridiculousness is what HORSE The Band wanted to achieve with "Pizza EP", then they most certainly have succeeded. But is this enough to make it great? One of the reigning facts that made "The Mechanical Hand" triumph in reviews was its ability to combine fantastic hardcore songs with absolute retardism (yes, I just made that up), and unfortunately "Pizza EP" only manages the latter (though it is done inexplicably well). It's still a nice taster (:D) while we are waiting for their actual full length, and hopefully not an indicator of how the final resul will sound like.


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For the fans of: Karate High School, An Albatross, The Fall Of Troy
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Release date 05.09.2006
Koch Records

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