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Trust Us, We Lie

Written by: PP on 09/10/2006 18:11:13

Wow. Where do acts like these emerge from? A Heartwell Ending is possibly the most refreshing emo-outfit since The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus earlier this year, with their debut album "Trust Us, We Lie" on the obscure label Mediaskare secure to cause buzz inside the emo scenes. What made The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus so fresh was their ability to combine screamo and emo together with brilliant lyrics to create melody-obsessed passion for music. A Heartwell Ending succeeds in creating an identical atmosphere here, with songs so catchy you wouldn't have thought possible without losing their credibility.

While the lyrics on "Trust Us, We Lie" perhaps aren't as brilliant as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus', they certainly don't fall short of being great. Most of the lyrics revolve around emo-issues like girl-problems, trust-issues and so forth, but they do so in an intelligent way that doesn't assume you're 13 years old. Granted, many of the songs contain tonnes of line-repetitions and the songs are so obviously written in the traditional verse-chorus-verse structure, but neither fact reduces the irresistably catchy-yet-hard-enough melody nor the overall feel of talent here. And just like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, A Heartwell Ending uses simple riffs to create complex arrangements with plenty of loud/quiet dynamics - just see "The Secret 'Between The Sheets'" as an example. The only real difference between these two great acts is actually a miniscule one: the latter doesn't scream at all. You can't find a single note where the vocalist wanders into the scream-territory, although during some of his extended parts you'd half-expect him to break his voice to add some more emotion. This, however, is not a bad thing at all, and A Heartwell Ending gains significant respect from me by being able to retain its superior quiet-loud dynamics even without the cliche screams. This is also the one single distinguishing fact between them and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Well, that, and the self-irony of the band in the brilliant "One More Song For Your MySpace Page" or the fantastically cliche-titled "There's Two R's in Sorry But One R In Whore".

Throughout the album the band never lets you down on quality. Each song will force you to sing or hum along to a melody (if we exclude the effect-laden "Memory") the like of which most bands only dream of being capable of. It's fair to say that even with the exclusion of the aforementioned ugly duckling, there isn't a single song on the album that doesn't exceed your expectations. Just when you thought the band had ran out of ideas they fire up yet another song with an inconceivably catchy verse. Fantastic album and a MUST buy to those who loved The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' album a few months earlier!

Download: "From Heart And Soul To Pen And Paper", "The Secret 'Between The Bedsheets'"
For the fans of: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Chevelle, The Academy Is...
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Release date 08.08.2006

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