Eighteen Visions

Eighteen Visions

Written by: PP on 09/10/2006 17:34:41

Oh dear. Those two words roughly sum up the initial thoughts about Eighteen Vision's new, self-titled album, followed by what the hell is this crap after a couple more listens. It seems like the curse of major labels has cast its shadow over Eighteen Visions, who seem to change their sound according to the latest trends on every single album. Back in 2004 when metalcore was gaining huge momentum, Eighteen Visions disappointed their long-term fans of the earlier, more hardcore oriented albums like "Until The Ink Runs Out" by transforming into a mediocre metalcore band with only few songs left reminding of their hardcore roots. Now this did gain the band lots of fans but at what cost? Given the new self-titled album, I'll be damned to see even a single old Eighteen Visions fan persist, as the band has entirely abandoned all references to hardcore and metalcore in favour of mainstream nu-metal/hard rock.

That's right folks, Epic has most certainly had their hands on this one. What "Eighteen Visions" essentially is, is a mediocre copy of Papa Roach. "Our Darkest Days" opens the album with a cheezy hard rock anthem with huge choruses and generic riffing. By the third track "Truth Or Confessions", which uses almost exact same riff-cycle as every song on the album, the realization that the band won't scream on any of the 12 tracks starts creeping in. Instead, frontman James Hart relies on far more accessible scratched clean vocals, trademarked by people like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Coby Dick in Papa Roach. The songs have also gained a much more atmospheric, conventionally structured feel, killing off the remainder of inspiration anyone could ever have received from the band. The vast majority of the songs are just so predictable and so generic, that you end up feeling the same way as when the charts force-feed you the same shit over and over again and expect you to happily consume it.

Fortunately, a large majority of our readers are able to spot shit like this and stay far, far away from it. Fucking sell-outs.


Download: Tonightless (to get an example how low the band has sunk)
For the fans of: Papa Roach
Listen: Myspace

Release date 18.07.2006

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