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Written by: KS on 08/05/2005 21:22:35

I don't know how to review this, since it's not a regular release, but it's something I've personally looked forward to. This EP release is sold along when you buy their full lenght album 'Interventions and lullabies'. Some places you can get this for about $5 without the full lenght. It's stupid adding things to an almost 2 year old release, just so you can get more money. Damn you record companies!

SO okay, on with the review. When you get this theres 5 songs on it. 2 new songs: 'Janet' and 'Snails' and then 3 acoustic versions of tracks off of 'Interventions and lullabies'. I was at first quite disappointed because of only 2 new songs but then i found out you can go and download 2 tracks on their website when you have the 'Snails' cover (you need the user & password). There you can get 2 more new tracks. 'Your New Name' and 'Dear Boy' and a credit thingy with a robotic voice, telling you who played what on which tracks and so on - quite pointless, but I downloaded it never the less. Unfortunately these 4 new tracks can in no way compare to the tracks of the full lenght which for me is a very big disappointment. The only good thing about this EP was actually the acoustic tracks of the old songs. This is no good.


Download: Snails, On Your Porch (acoustic)
For the fans of: Pop, indie, rock

Release date 10.4.2005
Atlantic Records

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