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Written by: DR on 22/06/2011 17:45:35

From one emo band to another, only this time the band in question, Dads, with their second EP, "Brush Your Teeth ;)" are from the Cap'n Jazz school of thought: they don't take themselves too seriously, their guitars are twinkly as fuck, and you can tell they have a shitload of fun playing!

The song titles are among the most random you're likely to hear all year: "Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation", "I Don't Wanna Fuck With Another Dude's Snacks", for instance, and they don't appear to have a lot of relevance to lyrical content. Everything is very hectic, the songs-structures are jagged, and time-signatures all over the place. As for the vocals, to borrow a phrase from TL, "singer(s) that don't seem to have a clue about how to sing, but manage to sound charming and compelling".

But that's the point! Anybody who dislikes this because it's not straight-forward enough is probably taking themselves too seriously anyway, while the rest of us are being swept away by the euphoric energy of tracks like the aforementioned "I Don't Wanna Fuck With Another Dude's Snacks" and "I Didn't Say Pass Me The Ball". Whether it's the impressive, passionate vocals of the band members John Bradley and Scott Scharinger (yes, there are only two members!), the huge shouts, or the complex instrumentation, the duo's charm is irresistible. However, that's not to say Dads are incapable of inciting any genuine emotion in the listener; because just as fast as they play, they slow the pace down for soft, introspective efforts like "Pass Me The Ball" and "Dan's Christopher Walken Impersonation".

Twinkly emo bands seem to be popping up all over the place recently, and I'm yet to hear a bad one. As far as this genre goes, can you really do no wrong as long as you're completely passionate and you know how to play your instruments quickly and quirkily? Dads' sound isn't particularly original, but it doesn't matter; instead, the fact that two people can play such intricate music so fast, while both try their hand at singing, is impressive, but when said music is an infectious as it is, it becomes something fans of the genre cannot miss out on.

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Release Date 29.03.2011

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