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Written by: TL on 18/06/2011 15:30:21

Right, it's Saturday, my semester is over and the only thing I have to do today is get myself to the Cage The Elephant show in Copenhagen later. So let's see if I can squeeze out a few reviews before I have to get ready for that, starting with British trio Mind Museum and their debut EP "Rat Race". The disc features four tracks on which the band comes at you quite shamelessly. The music is consistently up-beat, sparklingly melodic and spear-headed by constantly emotive and engaging singing. Clearly, these guys want to write songs they can pour their hearts and energy into, while inviting their audience to do the same, and theirs is a spare-no-effort approach that I would liken to bands like We Are The Ocean, Conditions and The Blackout.

The opening title-track is obviously meant to take the spotlight on this release, but while the level of quality is only varied slightly over the course of the EP, I actually find better tracks in the faster, more over-the-top "Everything Eventually", and the closing "Seal The Cracks", which also includes some backing screams (and that's where I draw comparison to The Blackout). All four songs are easily accessible and enjoyable already on first listen however, so I guess preference is likely a subjective matter.

What most will probably be able to agree on though, is that Mind Museum show audible signs of having steps and measures to take before making it to the bigger leagues. The production of their EP is clean and tidy but nothing spectacular. Especially the vocals sound like they've been left more or less untouched, and while that can sometimes be a compliment, here it reveals that the singer's excessive energy sometimes makes him sound a little too try-hard. However, that comment goes for the entire band, given how one-sided and direct an affair "Rat Race EP" is overall, and while I enjoy energy and melody as much as anyone, I think Mind Museum will have problems unless they find a way to showcase more depth and variety on any eventual follow-up.

Download: Everything Eventually, Seal The Cracks
For The Fans Of: We Are The Ocean, Conditions, The Blackout
Listen: http://soundcloud.com/mindmuseum/

Release Date 23.05.2011

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