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Written by: EW on 17/06/2011 23:17:39

As the band whom released "Om" five years ago, Romanians Negură Bunget in one fell sweep solidified their name in the annals of extreme metal for all of time to come, by creating a masterpiece whose scope even today still knows no bounds. The door was open for them to sail onwards and upwards, however internal strife tore the band apart before another new studio album was written ("Maiestrit" which followed was a rerecording of an older release), with the current 'Negură Bunget' doing the rounds one many fans now find hard to accept (I beg to differ). To celebrate the glorious presence of the band as they were previously heralded, they have released their debut DVD, "Focul Viu" ("Living Fire"), filmed in Bucharest in January 2008 with the 'classic' line-up of Hupogrammos, Sol Faur, Negru and the assorted live musicians that were needed to perform such a staggering number of instruments on stage.

Appreciation of NB's music does not come easily, and probably never will for most, however I can attest with total confidence of the atmospheric and transcendental genius at play in their works. This craftsmanship was often buried in a harsh black metal soundscape but such was the complexity of their compositions they have allowed for repeated appreciation and attention; traits that were also useful in analysing (and enjoying) their live shows. This performance, infront of a healthily sized and respectful audience, shows the band at their peak; the sound is fantastic and perfectly in sync with the feelings of the music allowing for the likes of "Ţesarul de lumina" and "Cunoaşterea Tăcută" to emit their weighty personas. Not unlike their recorded output, individual songs have a tendency to blur into a whole, abetted by the listening of an entire album is essential to truly digest what has been created, thoughts that are exposed during this 90-minute performance. Every track is superb and diligently resurrected for the multicamera recording, however taken individually a small number ("Norilor", "Văzduh") could well feel lost without their surrounding numbers, but let this not diminish from the impact a Negură Bunget performance can have on the senses. Without much in the way of showmanship the feeling of being overwhelmed by the presence before you is at the heart of this recording, however even as such mainman Huppogrammos takes the limelight deploying his variety of vocal tones against the harsh rhythmic playing of his guitar and frequent percussion he engages in to a grand effect.

The package is unfortunately light on extras (some interview footage would have been nice), including only the band's video for "Cunoaşterea Tăcută", which can also be seen here, but I can forgive this when the music touches the sole as does(/did) Negură's at this stage of the career. Not so much a DVD for watching with your beers and drinking beer too, but for anyone concerned with the art of making utterly captivating music of the greatest beauty I urge this upon them.


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Release date: 25.03.2011
Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions

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