Nitroforce 9

Vanity Dreams EP

Written by: PP on 13/06/2011 01:53:35

Finland seems to be developing a newfound love for rock'n'roll in the conventional sense from the days before any trend or fad corrupted the meaning of the word. Here I'm thinking late 80s and early 90s type of bands that discovered how to improve the genre by adding a small dose of alternative and pop into the previously rowdy, Motörhead and AC/DC lead style. Bands like Hittegods, Revengine, Smokesuit and now Nitroforce 9 are among the new entrants to the scene. These boys have released three demos/EPs prior to "Vanity Dreams", slowly honing their sound to be a rather enjoyable one within rock.

There are only three songs available, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Two of them ("Six Point Sweet Action" and "And There She Stands") are groovy rock'n'roll with a slight alternative rock edge in the vein of the self-titled Eve 6 classic from 1998. The pace is kept at a reasonable mid-tempo level, with the occasional punk spike thrown in for good measure. Clean, but charismatic vocals are the key ingredient at all times alongside clean riffs that make for perfect driving music. It's simple, but reasonably effective. "Motorway Maniac" changes things up a bit with its more sweaty and sleazy take on the genre, making it not difficult to see the Motörhead influence, though Nitroforce 9 are considerably less rowdy and rumble-and-roll in comparison.

All in all, it's decent and at times vaguely interesting, but with only three songs it's difficult to judge how much potential the band might have for a good full length record. I'll leave you with a reserved rating of decent for now.

Download: Motorway Maniac
For the fans of: Hittegods, Revengine, Smokesuit, Bullet Train Blast
Listen: Myspace

Release date 01.10.2010

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