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Written by: MH on 10/06/2011 15:20:20

Yarrr! Beloved Alestorm have released a new album, which have brought high expectations along. I suspect most people know these Scottish pirate metallers. But for those unfamiliar with Alestorm it would be worth mentioning their purpose. It's all about piracy, saucy wenches, killing and plundering. And of course shitloads of rum. And it can be heard not only in their lyrics but in their sound and vocals as well, as singer Christopher Bowes sings with a great pirate accent and his voice is hoarse and dare I say slightly drunken.

You might think that an exclusively pirate-themed metal band like Alestorm must have a certain expiration date when it comes to coming up with original and interesting albums, maybe that's the truth, but they are certainly not done yet! As emphasized in the lyrics of "Scraping The Barrel", they have heard the doubts, but they'll keep doing their thing and prove the doubters wrong. Alestorm loaded the cannons and shot out yet another great and catchy album. It is generally a fast paced folk influenced power like metal album, though with a few a little slower songs including the old folk drinking song "Barrett's Privateers". But there are similarities through the whole album like singalong-like choirs in the choruses, catchy riffs and of course their lovely keytar, which gets you in the mood for party and punishing your liver and brain in the form of alcohol the way only Alestorm do it.

After all the jumping around in the apartment throughout the whole album, the album closer "Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid" took me completely by surprise. It starts like you could expect any other Alestorm song. Yet another fast song about a beast of the deep, but with a rather sinister touch to the sound, then halfway through the 8 minute long song it flows into a symphonic mesmeric song with screams which can be compared to Dimmu Borgir or something in that category. It could probably bring up much discussion whether Alestorm can bear that style, but they have made a unique song in their own awesome way.

If you like Alestorm's former albums, or if you simply want to discover a new band that would suit a festive occasion in the greatest drunken manner, then grab the nearest bottle of booze and start listening to this album.

Download: Shipwrecked, Rum, The Sunk'n Norwegian, Death Throes Of The Terrorsquid
For The Fans Of: Korpiklaani, Turisas, Swashbuckle, Running Wild
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Release date 03.06.2011
Napalm Records

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