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If there's one producer an aspiring, young post-metal band should be looking to hire for the perfect production in the genre, that'd be Zeuss. Guess who the Boston-based Vygr, previously known as Voyager, present in the production credits for their debut album "Hypersleep"? That's right, Zeuss, who is renowned for his ability to produce crystal-clear sounding albums that maintain their natural heavy and powerful sounds without removing the emotion and conviction from the music.

That's one of the key reasons why "Hypersleep" sounds as good as it does. The sound is heavy, but direct. Sharp, but yet a rumbling wall of sound when it needs to be, and a spacious, ambient one when time is right for that. Simultaneously, a strong degree of sludge has been thrown in to complete this post-metal assault and make it immediately comparable to Cult Of Luna, but perhaps more specifically to lesser known bands like Lands, naisian, Kruger, and perhaps also the age-old Relapse band 16.

Additional credit should be thrown in the direction of the band's vocalist, whose primal roars add great texture and contrast to the space rock and quieter sections. When planted on top of the walls-of-sound, or the distorted guitars as they come on this album, they sound absolutely massive and overwhelming in a good way. And yet, they add a hint of pop-sensibility on the album, because you can't tell me that songs like "Solar" or "Galactic Garbage" aren't surprisingly catchy for the post-metal genre. So basically what Vygr brings on the table is everything you need for a great post-metal dinner: great vocals, solid production, and good songs that will enjoy a long lifetime on your playlist.

Download: Solar, Galactic Garbage
For the fans of: Cult Of Luna, Neurosis, Lands, naisian, Kruger
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Release date 15.03.2011
Creator-Destructor Records

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