Carne Da Macello

Written by: PP on 26/05/2011 04:43:24

If I didn't know better, I would argue that the Italians in Seditius actually are a visible and frequent sight at the Danish live circuit, considering how closely their hardcore-turned-southern approach mimics the one used by excellent local bands like The Revolt of Darwin and Helhorse (ex-Dødning). Then again, Seditius include a much stronger sense of unassuming rock'n'roll groove and unadulterated passion for Southern rock into their music to an extent seldom seen within the borders of this country, which has been enough to reel me in proper for their new album "Carne Da Macello".

Despite an expression drenched in passion and semi-catchy guitar grooves, Seditius are able to compete internationally only on a couple of standout tracks. These are the ones where the Italians go all-out on groovy southern hardcore, not frightened over the consequences of adding a heavier hardcore base to their sound, songs where the band rents themselves fully as the slaves of groovy melody and rowdy rock'n'roll rhythms. Elsewhere, a strong element of stoner rock takes over, robbing the songs from any memorabilia as well as the catchy grooves we've been hearing so far. It's a shame, cause the first few tracks to "Carne Da Macello" aren't too far off the original Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster record, which is really an excellent starting point for any groovy/rock'n'roll oriented hardcore band. The vocals become too contrived and rebellious (too punk?), though, and the song structures succumb to simplistic power chords instead of the heavy focus on groove that has been the case earlier. Together, the absence of key elements drags "Carne Da Macello" down to a standard, average rating, where the first tracks promised it could've been so much better.


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For the fans of: The Revolt Of Darwin, Helhorse, Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster, Coliseum
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Release date March 2011
Rancore Records

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