Rule The World/Deathtiny Land

Written by: PP on 26/05/2011 04:09:23

When you market a band as the craziest fucking band in the entire world with a subtle anecdote of referring them to as a hardcore version of Arcade Fire, you damn sure have my attention homing in on your release. That's the marketing blurb that follows Vampillia and their album "Rule The World/Deathtiny Land", a record that is simply pigeonholed as "brutal orchestra" genre-wise, whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean in real, practical terms. But hey, that's what I'm here for, to translate the musical chaos that is known as Vampillia into words that you worldly humans can understand.

Normally such an introduction lends itself for a lengthy explanation of how such an odd mixture of sounds somehow makes perfect sense in an audio-sensory slash visual perception, but that simply isn't the case here. Instead, what you should expect is a violin symphony inspired by the works of Bach and Mozart thrown in carelessly together with deliberate breakdowns, dramatic orchestral passages, and absolutely awful, awful vocal work. The band has three singers, one screamer, one operatic singer, and one growler, but most of the time they are either far too strongly in front of the soundscape, or completely drowned behind the chaotic instrumentals to make a real effect. So while "brutal orchestra" sounds good on paper, the novel concept is turned into absolute shit and a failed experiment due to horrid production decisions that utterly fail to highlight the proper parts of any song - not that there really are any parts to these carelessly combined tracks on offer here.

As such, instead of being a masterpiece of Arcade Fire-esque interpretation of sound combined with a chaotic symphonic metal background, Vampillia's project appears as little more than a failed experiment at avant-garde, experimental metal. Overlapping operatic high pitch vocals with gargled growls, thrashy guitars and classical piano just doesn't sound as interesting as it should on paper, and instead, vampillia manage to make it sound awful in a way that none of these instruments should have never been mixed together. Avoid this incoherent mess - though if you are into the crazy Japanese shit that litters the internet at all fronts, disregard my advice and check this one out.


Download: Wonderfully Whole Luck Is My Side/Alice In Murderland
For the fans of: recording 10 instruments on top of each other pretending it is "music"
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Release date 25.04.2011

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