The Starting Line

Based On A True Story

Written by: KS on 08/05/2005 21:21:55

The Starting Line sounds in my opinion as every other punk rock band out there at the moment. Nothing sets them apart from anyone else. Based on a True Story is very well competent, but if you've heard one punk rock act at the moment, you have heard them all. Unfortunately for The Starting Line, I have already heard a lot of other punk rock acts this year, so I'm not easily impressed. The switch between pretty fast songs and some slower and then a 6 minute ballad called 'Photography' does not impress me either, that song is simply too long. There are a few highlights on the record and it starts out pretty good with the catchy 'Making Love To The Camera', but from there it's pretty much downhill. The first single from the album is called 'Bedroom Talk' and they have produced a video for it. This album is not bad, it just doesn't have it's own identity. It's simply too similar to what every one else i producing at the moment. Are you a sucker for a new punk rock act with a sensitive side and a few ballads, this is for you.


Download: Making Love To The Camera, Autography
For the fans of: The Ataris, A Small Victory

Release date 10.5.2005
Geffen Records

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