Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

Written by: PP on 25/09/2006 18:03:12

The explosion of electro-pop punk bands continues with the long awaited debut album from the California power-poppers Hellogoodbye, who became one of the only bands in the recent history of music to have released a full DVD before the release of a single album. Bare in mind, that this is a band that's been featured on MTV and Radio Stations world wide only on the basis of their internet success and a single EP, effectively making them part of the 'MySpace Revolution', where small bands rise from scratch to global stardom through self-promotion and word-of-mouth.

Much like their genre-mates Panic! At The Disco and Brandtson, Hellogoodbye's strenght lies in the swift power-pop ballads and surprising vocal harmonies instead of instrumental technicalities. The overly usage of keyboard creates an irresistibly happy, poppy atmoshpere where the likes of Christina and Britney fall short to the obviousness of the choruses. See the retarded "Touchdown Turnaround" for a perfect example of what to avoid like plague when writing lyrics. And while these songs drill themselves to your head instantly and refuse to leave for a couple of weeks, they lack some serious depth and aren't suitable for anything else than the occasional mood-boost you need on a rainy day. It's a shame, because the off-tune indie-rock tracks "Stuck To You" and "Homewrecker" is a direction I'd much rather see this band evolve towards, and especially the slow acoustic anthems like "Oh, It Is Love" tick me off with their more than obvious loans from The Early November's signature sound.

As I mentioned it earlier, much of the album is retarded with both a positive and a negative connotation attached. Some songs are seductive enough to turn the head of the most dedicated pop hater, but more often than not, the point of the songs isn't clear, the overwhelming use of ecstatic keyboard and singalongable power-choruses ("oh-oh-oh-ohoo") is just too much. But considering the title, perhaps unseriousness is a theme the band is trying to portray. Even if that's the case, I recommend checking out Patent Pending's album "Save Each Other, The Whales Are Doing Fine" instead, as Hellogoodbye's "Zombies! Aliens!.." merely settles at lackluster despite a few highlight tracks.

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Release date 08.08.2006

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