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Watford, UK-based Lower Than Atlantis used to be a punk/hardcore band on their debut album "Far Q", an excellent, critically acclaimed album which saw comparisons being drawn to bands like Your Demise and Gallows, subsequently earning the band a number of top10 nominations for 2010 across the web. "World Record", their second album, all but drops the hardcore references in exchange for a cleaner, more melodic alternative rock sound.

Is it for the better? That's an argument not worth getting into, because the new sound in "World Record" is superb in its own right. It's melodic and catchy, but not obviously so. The band doesn't sugarcoat their melodies, relying on genuine feeling and a strong sense of melancholy instead, led by their brilliant vocalist who packs just the right amount of character to his voice to make a strong impression. He executes charming, irresistible melodies on every style he has a go at: the emotional ballad "Another Sad Song" is nice and somber, the opener "(Motor) Way Of Life" is melancholic rock at its very best, and the fast-paced punk/hardcore piece "Marilyn's Mansion" is a monster-sing-a-long, all the while being an extremely fun track overall.

Most of the album is spent on Funeral For A Friend-inspired medium tempo alt rock pieces (think "Hours" and the two albums that followed), except instead of sounding bland, Lower Than Atlantis sound genuine, honest and passionate, which sparkles through each and every song. It's like listening to early Biffy Clyro, or even the Glassjaw-influenced Lower Definition's softer songs, except in my opinion Lower Than Atlantis sounds better than any of these. And that's without taking anything away from any of the bands mentioned. So despite taking a 180-degree turn in musical direction, Lower Than Atlantis comes highly recommended for the fans of melodic rock.

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For the fans of: Funeral For A Friend, Lower Definition, Biffy Clyro
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Release date 25.04.2011
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