Against The Flood

Against The Flood EP

Written by: AP on 04/05/2011 21:31:45

Described as "enigmatic, metallic hardcore", Against the Flood join the rapidly growing ranks of UK metalcore bands mimicking Architects before their commercial breakthrough. As such, there is little to be said about this self-titled EP that hasn't already been said about the zounds of other bands practicing this style. There are distinctions of course, such as the occasional classic solo, but by and large, the terrain explored by Against the Flood already contains the footprints of a dozen similar bands.

For the average metalcore joe the textbook approach is of course everything but - the syncopated rhythms, distorted time signatures, and stop-start dynamics providing many a moment of instrumental wonder. For those of us who have explored even the most obscure corners of the genre, however, the resources into which Against the Flood dipping have long since been mined, regurgitated, and ultimately exhausted. Modern metalcore needs a new direction, and songs like "A Flawless Calm" and "Turn Towards the Sky" are not providing it, technically impressive and vaguely memorable though they may be.

Three years ago this release would have been the tip of the iceberg, but under the current metalcore climate the relentless dissonance and generous use of horror chords is beginning to sound like the musical equivalent of a worn out once-succesful beggar. It should be said, however, that despite the distressing uninventiveness, Against the Flood execute their demanding compositions with formidable skill, albeit that moments of release are few and far in between. The result is a choking, intense collection of songs with little or no lasting value, but enough virtuosity to warrant a solid


Download: A Flawless Calm, Left With Us, Turn Towards the Sky
For the fans of: Architects, Burials, While She Sleeps
Listen: Myspace

Release date 01.03.2011
Siege of Amida Records

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