Kill Goliath

Volume One EP

Written by: DR on 04/05/2011 15:23:31

It's hard to write an introduction for a band that you can barely find anything out about, but here's what I've discovered so far: there are four of them - Lee Roche (vocals/guitar); Michael Patterson (guitar); Keith Allen (bass); John McGrath (drums). "Volume One" is presumably their very first release (duh), and they were originally from Ireland but moved over to London for their music.

Stylistically speaking, Kill Goliath are hard to place, which makes their sound waaay more interesting than my opening paragraph. The sound they have crafted - and bare in mind on their first release - is one that is familiar, in the sense that the influences are obvious and recognisable, but the end result is something new. Through intricate and spacious guitars and brit-rock vocals they create lofty soundscapes, but are able to bring them to crushing halt instantly, reminiscent of And So I Watch From Afar and Russian Circles, most obvious in "The Bitch That Bore". "The Lull" has a progressive vibe to it, even featuring some The Fall of Troy-esque guitar-work, and melodic gang-vocals. Then in closing track, "Red Pill", their nu-metal influence reigns; all soundscapes are obliterated, the musicianship is sped up and the general sound is grittier.

Spanning three genres in a four-track EP is something I haven't quite heard before, but when you listen to "Volume One" it feels like a cohesive listen, so there are no sudden jumps in atmosphere or sound. To achieve this is no easy feat. It's not quite there yet, song-writing wise; no song truly stands out, and there aren't any genuine 'wow' moments. But still, Kill Goliath could be on to something here.


Download: The Bitch That Bore, Red Pill
For The Fans of: Russian Circles, Tool, Karnivool, And So I Watch You From Afar
Listen: Bandcamp

Release Date 14.03.2011

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