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To keep my reviewing rolling, here's another small release for you guys to consider along with me. Lör is a five-piece from Pennsylvania, US, who aim to show off their - according to myspace - folk/prog metal on this, their first ever demo. Substitute the 'prog' with 'power' and I'll basically agree with them, seeing as a fast, blazing kind of metal, mainly lead by clean vocals, is at the core of the sound. From this core, Lör then occasionally make excursions into folkier territory, via gang vocals, keyboards and troubadour-style rhythms and lead vocals. There is indeed a proggy element here or there, most dominantly in the the closing track "Song For The Lost", but elsewhere I find the folk and power elements to be much more pronounced.

Seeing as this is but a demo, it is not surprising to find that the production values are fairly minimal, and that the clean vocals are a bit shaky in the more softly sung high notes, but overall, I'm actually fairly impressed with what these youngsters have managed to do with limited means. Especially the first song after the intro, "The Ascended", I find to have much promise, showcasing not only a good dynamic usage of juxtaposed power and folk parts, but also an awesome, almost Top Gun-ish bridge section, during which an awesome solo steadily increases the intensity, and really catches the listener's attention.

It's clear that when lined up with the many full-fledged albums we review here at Rockfreaks.net, the limitations imposed on a demo recording such as this one, is always going to tie it securely to one of the more humble grades. But that being said, I do think this is a fine starting point for Lör. They seem to have a good feel for how to write some kick-ass song parts, and if they can get better technically at both singing and playing, and possibly get some better production on their upcoming releases, then I think they'll be ones to watch. The only things to really fear is either non-development, or their singer improving so much that he starts sounding like a clone of every other power-metal singer out there. Hoping that he manages to refine a unique style though, I'll be happily awaiting upcoming Lör records.


Download: The Ascended, Visions Of Awakening
For The Fans Of: Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, Blind Guardian
Listen: myspace.com/halloflor

Release Date Mid 2010

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