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Written by: PP on 22/09/2006 17:55:02

Over the summer the scene has flooded with releases like "Disconnecting" by Seattle's Sinking Ships seeking to reinstate what the term hardcore meant in the old days before bands like Converge re-defined the genre with breakdowns, indecipherable screaming and absence of melody. It's refreshing to have bands like Sinking Ships returning to the roots of the genre, using raw melody and rough but clearly understandable vocals with a real message, thus starting a snow-ball like effect with more bands following the trend and sooner than we realize, we're back at where we started from.

Sinking Ships are particularly successful and engage you into the music with mad pace and remotely catchy songs to create a feeling of honesty and love for the music, partly also helped by the well-set production levels that leave the sharp edges and the slight 'garage' sound put. Granted, this may not be the most original formula out in a field where Comeback Kid and Bane have been playing for years, but if it works, it works. It's that simple.

Ironically for a band focused on delivery with breakneck pace, one of the best songs on the album can't be considered fast at all. In fact, "Ghost Story" sounds so similar to some of The Lawrence Arms' slower works that if I didn't know better I'd half expect to find Chris or Brendan on the contributor list, but then again this isn't bad at all. Tracks like the fantastic "Auburn" highlight the need for this aggressive delivery style, and rather than adding an angry tone to their message, it is perceived as dedication. The lyrics revolve around the challanges of everyday life without ever touching sensitive issues like politics or problems with society, again blowing a refreshing breathe of wind smelling like honesty.

So as discussed, Sinking Ships isn't anything you haven't heard before, but they excel at what they do. Sometimes all that matters is the way the band delivers, and the delivery here is among the best in their genre.


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Release date 17.07.2006
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