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You'd imagine that with a name as ominous as Bloodiest, the very least you'll receive is a vicious thrash metal pounding not for the faint hearted. Looks can be deceiving, or in this case names I suppose, for this seven-piece seeks to stretch the meaning of the word metal to its very limits by exploring the furthest corners of genre, sometimes resulting in tribal sounds and soft hollers, sometimes ending in crashing cymbals and a cacophony of sound. But that's what is to be expected from a band which features a Yakuza member, which is why the genre tags attached to the band range from experimental metal to psychedelic, doom, post-metal, sludge and avant-garde.

"Descent" is the debut album by the group, and though there is almost no sonic brutality attached to the record, the 'not for the faint hearted' tag still applies. It's a record which requires its listener to wander through its illustrious musical landscapes, observing the minute detail that unfolds within each layer of the music. It's infinitely complicated, but not in the technical sense but in the significant levels of depth that each instrument possesses, both alone and when played off against the others. The shorter songs feign simplicity for the listener, but then you have complex 11 minute mammoths like "Dead Inside" which goes through multiple sections all entirely different from each other, but somehow it makes sense in the end. It is a demanding album from the listener, but if you like earlier work by Yakuza, the acclaimed material by Minsk, or even the much heavier and uglier screeching havoc of Indian, this should be right up your alley.

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Release date 29.03.2011

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