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Written by: PP on 27/04/2011 19:38:22

The previous Title Fight release was the mini-album "The Last Thing You Forget", a freight train of a release that was characterized by two things: one, its unbelievable speed given how technically challenging many of their instrumentals were, and two, its sublime mixture of melodic hardcore, pop punk and Polar Bear Club. It impressed people on both sides of the pond so much that SideOneDummy - the punk rock 'major' label in many ways - picked the band up to release their debut full length "Shed".

What a lot of people loved about TLTYF two years ago was how it basically took Lifetime and Polar Bear Club, put them into a blender and out came Title Fight, a retardedly catchy and high-speed pop punk/post-hardcore fusion. That, and it was retardedly catchy in places. A lot has changed since then, however, and "Shed" takes the band into a new direction. While the first five tracks are still essentially Lifetime worship with slightly more coarse vocals - with "Coxton Yard" and "Society" being the highlights - the album crashes into a halt on track six "Crescent-Shaped Depression". From here onwards, Title Fight ventures deep into the realm of punk-induced post-hardcore, precisely like that of Polar Bear Club on their debut album. The songs are far slower and more intricate, sending off a much more intellectual vibe which can also be perceived in the much matured lyrical content. But it also highlights the divisive nature of the disc, because having such direct contrast with the Lifetime songs and the PBC songs makes you feel like "Shed" has two opposing sides to it. Not quite in a two completely separate bands way, but significantly enough for a previous Title Fight fan to stop and scratch their head.

Basically, the second half has an intense emotionally charged feel to it instead of the melodic hardcore / pop punk fusion of the first half. As a result, the songs have more lasting value, but are far less catchy than what we're used to hearing from Title Fight. And here's the thing: you'll either love it and think this is the best stuff Title Fight has done (especially "27" is great), or you'll be a little like me and think "well, this is pretty good" while longing for songs like "Neck Deep" and "Symmetry" which had you singing along from start to finish.


Download: Coxton Yard, Society, 27
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Lifetime
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Release date 03.05.2011
SideOneDummy Records

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