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Written by: PP on 15/04/2011 04:13:51

Time for another peek into the European punk rock scene, and this time our head turns towards Italy, or Milan to be precise, where we'll find Out Of Date. They are a high-octane punk band combining skate punk with an edge of horror punk on their sophomore album "D-Side", though without the dark and brooding atmosphere of, say, early AFI material.

AFI, by the way, are one of the bands Out Of Date are sourcing from on "D-Side". The songs are lightning speed and own a similar faded-back vocal effect as Strung Out albums, so I suppose a fair comparison would be AFI meets Strung Out just at a much faster tempo than either band normally operates in. However, Out Of Date lack the technical edge of the latter and the brilliant songwriting of the former (on their old material, of course), so the end result isn't quite as exciting as you'd think. This becomes all the more obvious when the band covers Hot Chocolate's 70s classic "You Sexy Thing", because the guitar/vocal interplay in this song alone is enough to shadow the rest of "D-Side" in a significant manner. It's not that Out Of Date are bad, per se, they just aren't very interesting when compared to their peers.


Download: My Big Mistake, You Sexy Thing (cover)
For the fans of: old AFI, Strung Out
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Release date 23.02.2011
Bells On / MySelf Records

D-Side by outofdateband

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