Looking Forward Left Behind

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Durai are a fairly standard melodic hardcore / technical punk rock hybrid from Manchester, UK in that they can easily be classified as a Propagandhi clone, given their intricate riffs, stop-start sequences, swift tempo changes and textured drum patterns. They opt for the medium paced, semi-clean approach to idolizing the legends, falling into the same group as bands like Templeton Pek, and at least partly, Antillectual.

Their new album, "Looking Forward Left Behind", is automatically decent for the reasons mentioned above; Propagandhi's style of technical punk rock is so impressive that anyone coming even in the vicinity of it is usually fairly good at their trade. While Durai obviously don't own anywhere near the same level of talent (or else you would've heard of them by now), their songs have passion, and compensate by deviating out to the gruff-and-gravelly melodic punk/post-hardcore of bands like Hot Water Music. "Focal Point", in particular, feels like it could've been on "Caution", given it's subtly catchy chorus and soaring riffs, suggesting that Durai might be better off pursuing this style instead of the Propagandhi-imitation that is the norm throughout the album otherwise.

The key weakness of Durai based on this effort alone is their somewhat questionable songwriting department. The songs are all decent, no doubt heartfelt pieces of technically advanced melodic hardcore, but that certain something is missing to make them stick out, and more importantly, glue themselves to the listener's memory. A good start, but more is needed before the world at large will care.


Download: Focal Point, Demographic Violence
For the fans of: Propagandhi, Hot Water Music, Templeton Pek, Antillectual
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Release date 26.01.2011
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