Written by: KS on 08/05/2005 21:21:06

At first I didn't really like this new album by Acceptance because it felt like it was too simple, but after a few listens it really opened up in all it's glory. Acceptance's blend af emotional rock and somewhat punk rock gives every song on Phantoms a great feel and is really easy to enjoy. In my opinion Jason Vena has a really great voice and every line sung by him is amazing. Their first single 'Different', for which you can find a video on their website, is my favorite song of this album, though it's more mellow than most other tracks. Since I didn't really know Acceptance before this album, other than I've seen them mentioned on different sites and foras a few years ago when they released their first EP, 'Black Lines to Battlefields', and I was very frustrated on my first listen, I'm very surprised how good and how complete this album has come out after listening to it for a while. This is the album for you if you're into emotional alternative rock.


Download: Different, Take Cover
For the fans of: Northstar, Mew

Release date 26.4.2005
Sony BMG

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