Dreams Of Reality

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Shredding from Reading is starting to become less exclusive a club, with both international and other British bands currently homing in on the distinctive sound. One of these challengers recently appeared from London under the befitting moniker Eradication, armed to the teeth with raging fury and astonishing instrumental ability, and packing one hell of a punishing debut album in "Dreams of Reality".

Indeed, "Dreams of Reality" is the kind of album that keen students of the guitar discipline will devour with an exceptional appetite. Hardly a moment passes without axemen James Murray and Vinnie Woolven providing fingerlicking six-string goodness, whether it be a barrage of demanding staccato in "Outlive Me", a slick sweep fill in "Fascination in Torture", or a squealing old school solo in "The Prophet". Eradication have a firm foothold in modern thrash metal, which translates to a choking tempo and perpetual darkness throughout, their sound bearing a close resemblance to next town neighbours Sylosis and Viatrophy. Just like the two, Eradication sound tighter than virgin snatch, not by way of top-notch production, but via the sheer, collective technical prowess they possess.

In spite of the prodigal musicianship and surgical precision, however, "Dreams of Reality" suffers from a shortage of ideas. Eradication deliver with such overwhelming force that the lingering lack of variation is difficult to notice at first, but once the initial terror subsides, it becomes obvious that lasting value is not one of the band's assets. Rather, the idea seems to be to wreak maximum havoc while forgetting hooks with the likes of "Extinction is Inbound", a song which recalls the vicious malevolence of the Black Dahlia Murder and is, but the conclusive piece, also one of the most versatile and textured songs on offer. Speaking of, The Black Dahlia Muder is in fact another fitting reference to make in conjunction with Eradication, as the vocal style here is eerily similar, alternating between familiar high-pitch shrieking and guttural growling (not to mention the abundance of melodic death metal influences pulsating in the mix).

So to recommend or not to recommend? "Dreams of Reality" provides a moment of clarity, in which to bask in the relentlessly intense, blistering assortment of modern thrash metal ragers Eradication have assembled. It is a damn fine debut that promises of great things to come. But if you prefer your fix of technical supremacy delivered in a more memorable format, then I suggest considering the aforementioned Reading elite instead.


Download: Fascination in Torture, The Prophet, Extinction is Inbound
For the fans of: The Black Dahlia Murder, Sylosis, Viatrophy
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Release date 07.02.2011
Siege of Amida Records

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