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Written by: TL on 04/04/2011 20:51:08

So seriously people, by now I bet you're asking yourselves WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON at, because I know I am. Our editor goes looking for trouble in the middle-east, and suddenly, everyone else thinks they're on vacation too. Have they forgotten, you might ask, about the importance of preaching the holy Rockfreaks gospel, to you, our ailing disciples? A resounding "NO!" the answer would be however, because people, a sermon is about to commence, and today, we shall be reading a chapter on the good band Forever Wednesday, for their debut album "Depths" is coming out only seven days from now!

Dropping the pious jargon and getting down to business, Forever Wednesday is a British quintet with so little history to their name, that I didn't feel too bad about filling their first paragraph with ranting, and judging from this first LP of theirs, they are merely the latest of young British bands to have an Alexisonfire influence severely permeating their music. An observation I base as much on wannabe Dallas Green clean vocals, as I do on the lengthy instrumental intro "Rebirth", which has quite "44. Caliber Love Letter"-vibe to it.

This impression lasts me well through the album, although I occasionally also think I notice some nods to Gallows and Bring Me The Horizon. That's not so important however, as is the fact that both the compositions and technical abilities on offer, betray the band's inexperience by being overly straightforward and simplistic. On the flipside, Forever Wednesday can at least write some pretty decent hooks, and on a couple of occasions, their use of mid tempo grandeur and chorus-repetition form moments that are catchy enough for you to hum them for at least a day's time. See for instance, "Time To Get A Real Job Mr. Wolf", "Define Irony" or "Days Of Youth" for such examples of things turning out alright.

Moments like those help Forever Wednesday lift their heads above the level sea of struggling British post-hardcore upstarts, but only barely so. Others, like the utterly retarded breakdown shortly after the middle of closer "Navigate", and the occasional occurence of backing vocals that sound out of tune, simply combine to anchor the band somewhat closer to the dull average than the sparkling limelight. And with that in mind, I feel compelled to pose the question; Should these guys maybe have made some more demos or EP's before giving an LP a try?

Download: Time To Get A Real Job Mr. Wolf, Define Irony, Days Of Youth
For The Fans Of: Burn The Fleet, Alexisonfire, We Are The Ocean, Deaf Havana,

Release Date 11.04.2011

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