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Written by: PP on 30/03/2011 22:04:08

The Vision Ablaze are another brand new Danish outfit formed in the last twelve months by four dudes in and around Copenhagen. They quickly recorded a demo which was received reasonably well by the Danish underground media, but the "Nova" EP released last month is where the band begins to showcase serious potential. I'll keep this short, considering there are only three tracks on the disc, so here we go:

The first band that should pop into the mind of anyone paying attention to the Danish alternative metal scene is Diamond Drive, the rock/nu-metal hybrid outfit from Århus with an exceptionally good vocalist driving the songs home. The Vision Ablaze's vocalist sounds remarkably like theirs, and by extension, like Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan during his calmer moments. What that also means is that his vocal melodies are extremely strong and captivating, the key reason why "Nova" strikes such a good chord with the new listener. Musically, though, The Vision Ablaze are significantly heavier than Diamond Drive, relying far more on a nu-metal / alternative metal styling, although with a progressive stance that drags centerpiece "Broken Glass" well beyond the six-minute mark. Don't worry though, there's essentially no progressive wankery or technical wizardry going on, just drawn out nu-metal songs that occasionally transition into heavy-hitting conventional metal with aggressive and harsh outbursts of screaming. While this adds contrast to a song like "Machete", there's no denying that the band are at their very best when they land the huge clean vocal melodies spot on in, for instance, "Autumn In The Mirror".

This is something The Vision Ablaze should consider for the future, as the technically advanced and punishing sections have already been done better (and faster) by a local band called Scamp. Maybe the focus should switch solely into clean vocal oriented alterna-metal, because all three songs have excellent choruses that carry plenty of repeat-play value.

Download: Autumn In The Mirror
For the fans of: Diamond Drive, Killswitch Engage, Scamp
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Release date February 2011

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